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Babies Don't Crawling to Make Worry, This is what Mother Needs to Know

Babies not crawling often make parents worried about their child's growth and development. Naturally, because crawling is indeed one of the stages of child development. However, is this really a cause for concern? Babies usually start crawling at the age of 8-12 months. However, some babies may skip the crawling stage. In general, they are actually more able to sit and suck, or even can stand up straight then walk with help, until finally able to walk on their own. Non-crawling Effects on the Baby's Learning Process Aside from being a stage of learning to walk, crawling also has several other benefits for baby's growth and development, such as strengthening muscles, stimulating the ability to see, and training the baby's ability to recognize the surrounding environment and various emotions. Even so, some babies may not go through the process of crawling like babies in general. If Little is like this, calm down first, Bun! This condition can not be interpreted dir
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Types of Foods Recommended and Avoided for ADHD Children

People with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder need a special diet. There are several types of food that are considered good for people with ADHD, but there are also those who are worried that it can worsen the symptoms of ADHD. ADHD is a disorder in a child's development. ADHD is characterized by symptoms of difficulty focusing, attention that is easily distracted, talkative, and always wants to move actively. Various Recommended Food Choices for ADHD Children Some good foods to give to ADHD children are: 1. Eggs Making eggs as one of the children's diet with ADHD is the right step. This food source of protein is believed to increase the concentration of ADHD children and help the effectiveness of the work of ADHD drugs consumed by children. 2. Fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are also a good food group for children with ADHD. Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates are believed to make children easier to sleep. Some types of fruits and

Keeping Sneezing Can Be Harmful

Hold sneezing is sometimes done when in a crowd. When you are alone, you can be free to sneeze when you feel something strange on the nose. What if the desire to sneeze occurs when with important people and supported by a quiet atmosphere? Aren't you trying to hold it in honor of the people around you? And who would have thought that holding back sneezing was not good for health. Check out the causes of sneezing and the following consequences. What Makes You Sneeze? When there is something disturbing in the nasal cavity, then you will sneeze. Yes, this method is indeed used by the body to remove things that interfere with the nose. Scientifically, sneezing starts from the nervous system that has a way of working with everyone. But the signals traveling by each human's nerves are different, resulting in a different sneezing story for each person. So when something is disturbing the nose, a message will be sent to the part of the brain where the sneezing center is located